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Tuesday, Dec 14, 2004

Re: Re: Re: Fact About ND\\\\\\\’s

Posted by MD Weary on 03/11/04 at 09:15 PM

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I went to college for my nursing degree, and found that I wanted more information on body chemistry as it relates to food and nutrients. So I have been taking a naturopathic correspondence course and have learned many great things about the chemistry of the body and how it relates to food and other nutrients. With my college background I have not found anything to be contrary to what I learned in nursing. The way I see it Naturopathic Doctors work on a preventative side and help the body nutritionally to come back into balance. Acupuncture, Reflexology, Iridology, Herbs, and looking at the body as a whole are also great ways to see if the body is functioning correctly. These are noninvasive and really do work. I have experienced it firsthand. What is so wrong with that? I do agree that each person has their free agency to go to extremes. I have seen plenty of extremes in the nursing field as some doctors give out drugs like candy and do surgeries that could have been prevented. Noninvasive natural means are a good way to go when the medical field has let a person down or when a person may want to prevent life-risking surgery or the like. I think allopathic medicine has its place. But it is in the later stages of illness when health problems cannot be reversed by natural means.

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