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Friday, Dec 24, 2004

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Posted by Jennifer on 10/21/04 at 10:35 AM

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I agree, it must be a passion and not the amount of money that will be made. The problem in many medical fields that is not the case. There are many Vets out there that don’t care anymore for the animals, they are concerned with getting as much money from clients as possible. When I was in the emergency room about 9 years ago, the MD was too busy telling the Nurses about his girlfriend sending him flowers rather than attending to those of us waiting. When I went to the emergency room because I was having trouble with my last pregnancy, they left me in the waiting room (both times) and did nothing for me or my baby. I could have lost my baby, and they didn’t care, nor did they ever tell me what was wrong. Then there are the NDs who charge up to $300.00 per visit. That is not necessary and then they charge high prices for supplements. As I said before, it all depends on who you see. If they are really in it for the love of People, animals, or whatever it is (all occupations), then they won’t be worried about charging high prices and would worry about helping those they are there to help. I am sure that if an ND put alot of effort into their education (maybe finding an experienced ND to do more clinical with or something else to help gain as much practical as possible) and they were concerned with those who came to see them, they wouldn’t charge so much. Is there really a need to charge $300.00 for a visit? I doubt it. The more that heard about reasonable prices would probably go to see them and they could pay off their student loans easier.

I am sure that the NDs in my city are doing well because there is such a shortage of MDs that rather than sit in the walk-in clinic for 3 hours, they can go there. If their prices are reasonable, that would make it much easier for patients.

As you said, it needs to be a passion for the person, the problem is, it rarely is anymore.


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