Re: Re: Derek – Why Naturopathy?

Thursday, Dec 16, 2004

Re: Re: Derek – Why Naturopathy?

Posted by Gray Dawn on 10/07/04 at 11:19 PM

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I was raised by hippies, so I grew up with an alternative practitioner as my doctor (anybody who tells you that all MDs are opposed to natural medicine is full of BS). So, when somebody suggested Bastyr’s clinic when I was having some tingling and weakness in my arm, it seemed like a good idea. I figured I’d go for some physical medicine. What a mistake!

I had THREE third and fourth year students taking my case. And, I didn’t feel that ANY of them were listening to a thing I was saying. So much for “being present””! After an hour or so of asking me the same questions that I had just answered on the intake form they informed me that I was probably suffering from an allergy to wheat. Also, they told me that I couldn’t possibly be healthy as a vegetarian. They recommended B12 injections and a multi vitamin (which i was already taking). Then they did some kind of faith healing touch (may have been crainiosacral). I declined on the B12 shots. I left with no relief. I decided to stay with the same multivitamin I was already taking–the one at the clinic pill store was more than twice the price!