Re: NDs and diagnosis

Tuesday, Dec 14, 2004

Re: NDs and diagnosis

Posted by Rebecca Andrews, ND on 10/12/04 at 11:27 AM

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It seems you have been at least partially misinformed, and are somewhat confused about the true nature of naturopathic medicine and training. While it is true that due to lack of licensing in many states, ND’s in those states are often not permitted to order diagnostic lab work, it is not remotely true that we do not believe in thier usefulness or validity. ND’s in licensed states do use traditional lab work as part or all of thier diagnostic process (depending on the condition). ND’s in unlicensed states often must depend on an MD or ARNP to order the labs and forward them. Some states make provisions for ND’s to order labs in spite of lack of licensure. At any rate, our training includes as many or more hours focused on traditional western diagnostics as our allopathic colleagues. I believe we spend many more hours in school than allopathic physicians (I have several friends who went to conventional medical school while I was in naturopathic school and I spent FAR more time at school than they did). The big differenct lies in the post didactic clinical area. MD’s spend many more hours doing rotations and residencies than we do. I think there is agreement across the naturopathic community that we want to expand this area of our education. We do not however want to do that in the allopathic model. There are actually a good handful of MD’s that come to Bastyr to become ND’s. Their report is that our education is better all the way around. As for diagnostic skills, I feel we are on par with any other general family practice doctors. I myslef have diagnosed several patients that were missed by their MD’s. It happens all the time.

To address the issue of how or what we treat is a more complex philosophical issue, and one that would be hard to articulate in this venue. There are times when presenting symptoms are acute and will prevent the patient from resting and thus healing if not treated, so we treat them… The bottom line is that we do not seek to suppress symptoms as our first line of practice. Our first line of practice is to remove the obstacle to healing, and support the patients ability to heal themselves. It is a subtle difference and the line between us and conventional doctors can be fuzzy sometimes (especially considering individual styles of different doctors).

Lastly I want to address your mistaken belief that you don’t need a bachelors degree to go to Bastyr. You do, including or in addition to the complete set of pre-med sciences, all up to date, etc, etc….

I would encourage you to look a little more closely at the actual admission standards for the ND program (there are many programs at bastyr) and the curriculum before you assert more misinformation.

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