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Posted by Mik on 01/23/05 at 04:31 AM

A Nobel Prize Laureate From Malaysia?

Researcher nominated for Nobel Prize

Ranjeetha Pakiam

KUALA LUMPUR, June 10 (Times Online):

A Malaysian researcher?s studies on the potency of seeds, beans and cereals as natural preventive medicines has put him in the running for a Nobel Prize.

Professor Ananthan Krishnan, 53, a pharmacist, conducted six years of research into the benefits of alternative medicine, resulting in breakthrough medicinal formulae. This prompted three institutions from Canada and the US to nominate him for the Nobel Prize in Natural Medicine.

The Alternative Medicine Research Institution (AMRI), Weston Reserve University (WRU) in Canada and the American College of Integrated Medicine in the US will jointly nominate Prof Ananthan for the prize, which honours outstanding individuals in different fields for their contributions to the world.

Natural medicine is a new category, introduced only last year, so the nomination is all the more meaningful for Prof Ananthan, whose main aim is to promote a healthier alternative to allopathic (“normal”” or “”Western””) medicine.