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Re: Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Posted by sarah on 04/03/05 at 09:00 AM

Currently attending IIN…this “school”” is a non-secular institution that presents different diet theories including guest speakers (marketing their books). No admission requirements, just bring your check book. No exams, no structured curriculum. The founder has no formal nutrition education background and reminds us of that. Alot of dancing and interactive massage among students. No regional or national accreditation. Presents accreditation from AADP (unrecognized agency). No listing with NYS Dept. of Education either. Offers diploma in Holistic Health Counseling (non-transferrable to any accredited school). Not accepted in hospitals, private practices, and/or other accredited healing arts schools. Fun atmosphere to make new friends, good program for current healing practitioners looking to tweak their business’.