Re: Serotonin problem??

Tuesday, Feb 22, 2005

Re: Serotonin problem??

Posted by Hope on 10/23/04 at 02:28 PM

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5-htp caused similar problems for me, at only 50 mg p.m. dose (dry mouth, low BP, weakness, daytime fatigue, waking up early a.m.). A Dr. Michael Gerson at Columbia has done extensive research into serotonin overload using 5-HTP as it affects enteric serotonin receptors and notes that these effects are known reactions, not just adverse effects but exactly what 5-HTP (and Rx SSRIs) do.

The fatigue I had led to lack of exercise, which contributed to joint and muscle pain, weakness, and I also had weight loss from the 5-htp with loss of muscle mass.

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