Serotonin problem??

Monday, Feb 07, 2005

Serotonin problem??

Posted by Sam on 10/23/04 at 11:49 AM

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Anybody have any ideas about waking 2-4 am w/ palp’s, sweats, dry mouth – & feeling dizzy, low BP, severe headache, exhaustion & extreme fibromyalgic pain next day? I’ve been int’d in naturopathy for yrs, but ironically can’t consider school until more functional – and thought posting here might help. No MD’s or ND’s have had a clue. Take 100 5HTP/ 2-3 mg melatonin & forgive me, but 7 mg Temazapam t night to sleep at all. Have noticed 5HTP dose upped to 150 mg, or

samE at 200 mg taken in am, seem to make much worse. Have eliminated all supplements, including above, with no change. Doesn’t happen every night, but often enough, and can’t find X factor that starts it again. Am 54 yr old female, on bioidentical hormones. Some neuroendocrine problem assoc, w/ CFS? Some correl. w/ serotonin pathways & estrogen levels? Pretty disabling – have changed hormone doses to no avail.

Any ideas appreciated.

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Re: Serotonin problem??
Hope 0 10/23/04 02:28 PM

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