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Melilea Greenfield Organic

Posted by Khoo Hon Lam on 11/06/05 at 08:23 PM

Greenfield Organic Nutrition & Revitalex.


Organic fasting, detoxifies the toxins in body cells, activates body cells, provides balanced nutrients, strengthens the endocrine system, promotes metabolism, prevents modern diseases, maintains good health and longevity, slimming and beauty, strengthens immune system, strengthens physical condition.

The rudiments of organic healing are based on pollution-free food. There are made from more than 20 types of 5-star Zero-pollution ingredients including organic golden grains, organic vegetables, organic fruits and organic herbs. Notable organic food experts have come together to conduct in-depth research and analysis of such botanicals and have uncovered the following fact – that such organic botanicals offer wonderful detoxification functions besides expelling unwanted fat from the body. The result is total cleansing and detoxification of the whole body. At the same time, these can also provide nourishment to the body, activate body cells and promote the regeneration of the body system, balance the hormonal system, strengthen the immune system and also enhance the body’s integral organs, while maintaining ideal health equilibrium.

All unwanted wastes would be naturally excreted from the body, propelling the body system towards an optimum state of health. It has been proven that only Melilea Greenfield Organic is highly effective in promoting such integral functions for the body. Long-term consumption is the essence of a complete cleansing regimen for the body.

After all, Melilea Greenfield Organic products are the mainstay in the form of internal body cleasing agents, containing the most potent detoxification agents.

How to take:

Add 1-3 heaped tablespoons of Organic Nutrition & Revitalex to a 12-ounce glass of water, juice or soya milk (1-3 times a day). Mix well and drink immediately. Then drink an additional glass of water or juice.

We are a distributor of Melilea International’s products. The products are organics in nature and is rated 5-star by the FDA in US. Thousands of people have taken and benefited from it. Testimonials from clients include detoxification effects, healthier and more radiant physical outlook, weight-loss within days, healing from diseases and pains. It can be taken for health purposes and as food replacement.

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