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Re: Help with Effexor withdrawal symptoms

Posted by jul on 07/14/05 at 08:57 PM

My experiences with withdrawal from Effexor are similar to many of the rest of you. I’ll bet that many more people than are reported by the manufacturer are suffering the nausea, shock jolts, dizziness, headaches, sweats, sleep disturbances, and especially disturbing…the CONTINUOUS, PROLONGED NIGHTMARES! I dropped my dosages ever so slowly, and finally went off totally after no longer needing the drug (I had been situationally depressed.) Regardless of how slow you go, you suffer withdrawal. Believe it or not, taking a decongestant (sudafed) in the morning helped me with the headache and dizziness. I tried this as some of my symptoms seemed similar to allergy (this could be coincidental). It is two weeks without the drug yet no change in symptoms. I will post if my brain becomes normal again. I hope this is not permanant! Good luck all, JUL