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Re: Effexor Withdrawal = Depression and Anxiety!!

Posted by Shauna on 01/01/05 at 10:00 AM

Hello- I was the “stupid one”” that decided to go cold turkey off 1 75mg and 1 37.5mg Effexor. It wasn’t until it was already too late that I found this website out of desperation to see what was happening to me. I’m not saying the Effexor was a terrible medicine for me while I was taking it but I must say that I’m extremely offended that my doctor didn’t tell me about these HORRIFIC withdrawal effects and I’m also offended that he probably didn’t know about them either. And, (just venting), I’d be really offended if I saw him now and he looks at me like it’s me and not the Effexor. Here are some of the things I’ve experienced and I believe I hit them all except throwing up ( thank the Lord)