Re: effexor what a nightmare

Re: effexor what a nightmare

Posted by Brian Bester on 07/10/04 at 05:21 AM

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Hi I been off this drug since aug/03. I am now taking 5hpt which is available at Wal-wart. Please go to the book store and buy the book the Mood Cure, this will explain all about 5hpt.It works great for me I have never been better. This is after 10 years of taking drugs from Doctors, who haven’t a clue what the side effects did to my life, while on perscription drugs.

You must taper yourself off effexor, it took me three weeks. Your doctor could suggest on how to do this. Be aware that Doctors are drugs pushers and they get all their info from the drug salesperson. Good luck.

ps. search on the net for info about 5hpt

Sincerely Brian Bester

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Re: Re: effexor what a nightmare
MJ 8 07/10/04 06:38 AM

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