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Re: Most antidepresants will be the same!

Posted by Jose on 06/20/05 at 08:34 AM

I know someone who is on Fluoxetine, better known as Prozac.

She shows many signs of side effects but fails to see it herself even when prompted about them.

As long as she is on cloud nine side effects are the least of her worries.

I questioned the Doctor who prescribed the medicine to her as to why he had not suggested or failed to mention exercise as a very important part of ones life and that she should do it in order to become healthy.

He responded that in this day and age there is no time and therefore he just prescribes medicine.

This doctor did not even refer her to a psychologist so that together they could try to cure her.

She has recently developed a rash, chills and has permanent flu type symptoms from the Prozac for which she has taken antibiotics.

She cannot sleep at night and takes Zopimed regularly.

These two drugs aggravate the fact that she hallucinates, but try to tell her that, she refuses to believe it.

The very same doctor that prescribed the antibiotics is the same doctor that prescribed Prozac and Zopimed.

I fail to understand doctors and their reasoning. Why does he not see that the Prozac is the cause of all the problems and try other means of helping her out?

Believe me I have had endless fights about anti depressants and never won one.

People taking antidepressants are very happy with themselves and no amount of persuading is going to change their mind.

Good luck to those who have stopped and who are trying to stop. I have great respect for you.

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