Friday, Dec 24, 2004


Posted by JANE MILLER on 08/06/03 at 01:04 PM

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I’ve finally been prescribed something that works!!! Please read on…..

I have been fighting uticaria with no known cause since mid-April 2003. There has literally not been one area of my body not affected by this. I already had allergies & asthma; and was taking medication for both.

Since the out-break, which appears to worsen when I’m tired/stressed, I have been given large doses of steroids, epinephrine, antihystamines (Zyrtec, Zantac, Singulair, Nasonex, Benedryl) – all at one time!!! This is in addition to my asthma inhaler. The allergist was unable to test me because I had to go off hystamines and then would get horrible hives and could not be tested.

I’ve been tested for possible thyroid problems and some other possibilities….all negative.

I’m losing my hair-don’t know if it’s the drugs or the hives.

But finally, after all of these drugs, much agony & various drs; one dr seems to have found something that works

….Doxepin HCL…..

this is usually prescribed for depression. However, one of its main ingredients is anti-hystamine (for sleep during depression).

I began taking 25 mg at bedtime on July 10th & had to gradually increase to 100mg at bedtime by July 24th (dosage could still be increase if needed).

I have been mostly welt/hive free since 7/24. I have had a couple of areas (knee, chin) flare up. But, these seem to have appeared when I had not gotten enough sleep, etc.

It has been a relief to finally sleep and not itch & hurt.

However, there are side-effects….I don’t know if they are all from the meds or the uticaria.

I feel tired most of the time, have head aches, am dealing with weight gain, my face still gets “puffy””, but at least I can function & sleep at night.