Thursday, Dec 23, 2004


Posted by Debbie on 09/11/04 at 02:37 PM

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Hello, I have been on here searching all I can about uticaria. My son has had 2 bad spells with it in less than a week. Other than taking him to the hospital for 2 shots and medicine to take at home I dont know what to do seeing how it just shows up out of the blue. Right now his left eye is completely swollen shut. He woke up with it that way. I dont know if I should drive him back to the hospial for this or if it will go away on it’s own. I pray it does soon. He is 24 and I cant boss him like I would like to. Ha. Hopefully I can get him to go somewhere this week. Have you ever heard if being allergic to onions could cause this? Thank you for any help. You know Jared might be 24 but he is still my greatest gift. Good luck to you and may you have good health always. Debbie

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