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Tuesday, Feb 15, 2005

Re: Re: Uticaria

Posted by Lori on 10/05/00 at 11:09 AM

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I have had chronic hives since March 2000. We first tried the Prednisone – 50mg for 4 days, 40mg for 2 days, 20mg for 2 days and 10mg for 2 days, and it kept the condition under control as long as I was taking it. About 2 weeks after I stopped the Prednisone, they were back, even though I was taking Benedryl every 3-4 hours. They gradually got worse. In June, we tried the Prednisone again, with a smaller dose and longer term (about 3 weeks). We discontinued the Prednisone (tapering off to 10mg every other day before stopping). I was also taking 2 Benedryl every 3-4 hours and continued that after stopping the Prednisone. For about 2-3 weeks after I stopped the Prednisone, I was almost clear, then they came back. I am currently taking 180mg Allegra twice a day, 10mg Prednisone 3 times a day and 2 Benedryl every 3-4 hours. This doesn’t seem to be doing much good. The only thing that seems to keep them under control for me is Prednisone. But it will cause you to gain weight and it is extremely hard to lose weight gained on the Predinsone. I was surprised to see that they were giving a 10 year old 50mg a day for this long. Being a steroid, besides weight gain, it can affect your heart, your moods, cause chest pain, headaches, etc. It also takes 2-4 years to clear out of your system. I am sure you have already discussed this extensively with her doctor and you don’t say how severe the problem has been. The best thing I have found for temporary relief of the itching is Bandaid Anti-itch Gel. It is camphor based instead of cortisone based. The cortisone creams (and I have tried them all!!) don’t seem to help me.

I also had hives for about 6 months in 1993. That time we tried everything on the market (I think!) and ended up back on Prednisone (50mg)and Zantac for about 3 months. Then one day in September 1993, they suddenly disappeared and I did not have any recurrence until March 2000.

We have done extensive lab work,(both times) and have been uable to find the cause. The allergy specialist I consulted in 1993 said that sometimes they just occur spontaneously because your immune system gets out of sync.

If you find anything else that seems to help (including herbal remedies) please let me know.

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