Re: Uticaria

Monday, Dec 20, 2004

Re: Uticaria

Posted by Stephanie on 09/08/03 at 11:16 AM

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Oh, My I can not believe how common uticaria is. I have been a sufferer for nine years. I have been on doxepin, zyrtec, hydroxizine, prednisone, zoloft,I at one point quit using all perfumes & scented items no change, I went on a no wheat diet, this didn’t work, I am now seeing an endocrinologist for my thyroid & am hoping to get some answers there. I did have my gull bladder out that was one doc’s thought that was causing my hives, another doc thought cronic sinus infection……It’s a total mystery, nothing makes sense, & I feel for all of you It is such a relief not to itch on that rare occasion, but if you see me itching in the mall or at the grocery store its not that i have bugs i have hives. I don’t even realize i am itching some times …… ahhhhh

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