Re: Adhesive Capsulitis and PT

Monday, Dec 20, 2004

Re: Adhesive Capsulitis and PT

Posted by jane on 04/11/04 at 06:09 PM

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I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder in mid March (about a month ago) and have been undergoing intensive PT three times a week as well as home exercises and icing. This has helped (my ROM was very limited), but the stretching the PT does has been almost unbearable. I always thought I could tolerate a great deal of pain (I’m a 48-year-old female), but this is something I’ve never experienced before!

The frozen shoulder is the result of a bone spur pressing on my tendons and muscles (discovered in an MRI), which may have to be removed (shaved) arthroscopically. My orthopedist said I need to regain my ROM first before this is even considered.

Couldn’t I be doing more damage (i.e. couldn’t the bone spur be pressing on the the tendons and muscles just as much or more) when the PT is stretching it (and when I’m doing the exercises)?

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