Re: Adhesive Capsulitis and PT

Monday, Dec 20, 2004

Re: Adhesive Capsulitis and PT

Posted by Sakalis A. Christos, PT on 07/18/04 at 10:35 AM

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You writte that your MRI showed a partial….. a partial of what? Can you tell me more about your MRI findings? The treatment is dependent from the MRI findings!!! I can manage Adhesive capsulitis very succesfully and by an easy way with my own method called shall be in the world market in 1-2 years!!! Again I tell you that the managment is dependent from the underlying cause and from the MRI findings! Also you must take a chest-Xrays, and an evaluation from a Cardiologist. Do you have diabetes or maybe Osteoporosis? All these screenings are helpfull!!! Did you ever had Dyputren’s contractures in your hand?

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