Re: Adhesive Capsulitis and PT

Monday, Dec 20, 2004

Re: Adhesive Capsulitis and PT

Posted by Kent on 10/03/00 at 07:28 PM

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This should be my last update. After 12 weeks of home stretching exercises, I have recovered 100% of my measurable lost ROM. Stretching is still quite painful at the limits of motion with rotation exercises (e.g., behind the back “hammer lock” stretch) and substantially less so with overhead flexion. Extension and abduction present little or no discomfort. My sleeping continues to improve with few episodes of discomfort. I plan to continue stretching exercises until I have no pain at the limits of motion.

Because of my progress, I tried going 24 hours without taking the two naproxen tablets. I had no discernible increase in discomfort during that day or night. However, some slight aches were noticed mid-morning of the next day. For that reason, and because of the “tennis elbow” pain of my affected arm, I decided to continue the medication until after I stop the stretching exercises. I doubt that the inflammation in my elbow will clear up as long as I continue to aggravate the condition with the rotation exercises.

I hope everyone has the kind of improvement I have achieved.

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