Accidental Effexor Overdose! (maybe withdrawl symptoms too)

Sunday, Mar 13, 2005

Accidental Effexor Overdose! (maybe withdrawl symptoms too)

Posted by Allison on 02/21/05 at 07:04 PM

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dont know if this is the right section to post this in. Anyways, in the summer I misread the label and took 150mg instead of 50 like I was supposed to (I was supposed to build my dosage up) Anyways, [BOLD] I was wondering if there is any evidence of how this drug parallels the effects of that of Speed, Meth, and or Coke and Acid. [/BOLD] I began to have extremely racing thoughts (and Im usually so mellow I’ve taken Prosac to increase my mood in the past)

I didnt purposely not eat but I pretty much forgot to eat and didnt drink enough until I stepped on scale and looked in mirror and I was gaunt. I really wasnt even hungry after barely eating for a few days in a row (I’ve heard people who take things like Meth and Coke act similar) I would literally pace up and down like cartoon charectars, run up and down the stairs, etc.

At first, I was very happy (probably like what users of Coke and Meth feel like after they take some too) then thw crash hit bad (I felt I wanted more but due to having known people who have become addicted to hard drugs, I knew this syptoms were similar to wanting another fix and something in my gut told me I shouldnt have more (proably good I didnt cause I probably would of been addicted)

then, the negative hit!!!!! I didnt get suicidal (in fact part of why I was so upset was I got whatever the opposite of manic is depressed and I wante4d to not hurt myself) I began having horrible hallucinations and anxieties (probably due to dehydration and lack of sleep) people began to look like demons/monsters/dimented. my grass on my lawn looked ry and brown (though it was green) I felt like I was in a literal sense of purgatory (maybe even a level of Hell though I was still alive) Even my parents seemed like “enemies”” and I started way over analyzing things, etc. All I really wanted was sleep! (and probably users of Coke and Meth go through the same)