Re: Re: need a shoulder? I’m here too.

Sunday, Jun 27, 2004

Re: Re: need a shoulder? I\\\’m here too.

Posted by Lisa Wise on 06/02/04 at 12:24 PM

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After you read some of the testimonials you will see why I offer my shoulder…because that is all I can offer. I can sympathize with so many of these people because I have walked in their shoes and I can feel what many of them are going through. When I was at my worst time of withdrawal, I wish I would have found this site so that I would have had somone to relate to, instead of feeling so alone…like I was the only one who ever felt this way coming off of the evil drug Effexor. Now I know I am not. I just want others to know that that I can relate to what they are feeling, and when I say “I know what they mean””…I really do know. I guess it is my way of reaching out to help when I could not find anyone to help me. I don’t think anyone should feel so alone…especially when they are dealing with something so messed up. Thanks for asking and God has blessed my heart and may he bless you as well.

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