Re: Re: heart palpitation

Friday, Dec 24, 2004

Re: Re: heart palpitation

Posted by Ruthie on 12/22/02 at 02:03 AM

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hii am 52 years old i have had palpitaions [skippd beats] since i was 28 years old. my cardiolist has done so many test’s my last one was a cardiac catheazation dr sai my heart is fine .i don’t know how to live with them they are annoyng and distract me cause me intense fear at times i feel ths hard thump’s that come on in row’s now i just found out i have a slightly underactive thyroid and the dr said he will send me in february to check the tsh which was 6.01 ref range is supposed to be 5.50 my md said if i need a pill for thyroid it cause’s palpitation’s so now i’m really scared any one else have this thyroid problem also the fear and anxiety is to much to handle now i feel like i’m going to have a nervous breakdown from all the worry !!!! Ruthie

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Nancy 0 11/08/04 01:52 PM

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