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protein in urine.

Posted by m.r.krishnaiah on 06/02/04 at 12:16 AM

24hrs.sample of my urine has shown that the total vol. to be 2400 ml and the protein content to be 320mg in 24 hrs while the permissible limits are supposed to be150mg/24 hrs. I am not a diabetic and I have hypertension for which I take medicinesto keep it under cotrol.the chlosterol levels are36mg/dl(HDL),140mg/dl(LDL),224mg/dl(TOTAL)and the total triglycerides are239mg/dl. I am 72years of age and also quite active in the sense IO take regular walk, excercise and donot smoke and drink (alcoholic drinks.Requst your comments regarding the kidney condition etc. with specific reference to high protein in the urine. Thank you.

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