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Re: Help with Effexor withdrawal symptoms

Posted by Rachel on 01/30/06 at 04:36 PM


I have been trying to get off effexor for 6 weeks and have been having a horrendous time with it. I was bed ridden with the dizziness and nausea for 5 days and went back on the drug to wean myself off of it slower. Now I have been completely off of it for a week and I feel horrible. I am dizzy and feel generally a bad flu. I am eating like crazy when I feel nasueas to try to get it to go away and I feel exhasuted most of the time. I have had all the other symptoms as well and am wondering if this is going to end. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to feel “normal”” again? And what can I do for the anxiety and depression now I am off of this drug? I feel desperate at this point, I have never felt so bad.